Progesterone K20

Among the most vital hormones in a female’s body, progesterone is naturally released from a woman’s ovaries. When the level of progesterone produced by the ovaries changes, it can lead to abnormal menstrual cycles and can cause symptoms of menopause. This important hormone is necessary to become pregnant, because it’s needed to implant the fertilized egg in the uterus, and to help the developing embryo. All in all, progesterone is a key element in a healthy woman’s body.

Women should be conscious of their levels of progesterone, especially as they age. Lack of this hormone in a woman’s body usually occurs around menopause, so many women may seek out the assistance of a progesterone supplement to ensure they make their hormonal transitions smoothly.

There are a few different forms of progesterone, but Progesterone K20 by Apex Energetics is one of the most preferred forms because this highly absorbable liquid isn’t stored in a body’s fat tissue as easily as other forms of progesterone. Here are some other reasons we recommend Progesterone K20.

  • It’s a sublingual supplement, which means when taken this liquid form, it avoids the first liver pass, decreasing its conversion to other hormones and metabolites. To put it simply, you get the most progesterone possible.
  • It’s also absorbed more quickly than other forms of progesterone, and since your body doesn’t store the supplement, it helps control the dosage.

If you’re suffering from low levels of progesterone you’ll likely experience symptoms such as severe migraines, irregular menstrual cycles, decrease in libido and anxiety. Other possible symptoms can include hot flashes and irregular sleep patterns.

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