Mulberry MaryAre you looking for simplicity in your life? Simplicity when it comes to a healthier lifestyle and the healthy ways of getting you there?  We are happy to introduce you to Mary Langfield, Diet and Lifestyle Consultant and the mastermind behind blog, Mulberry Mary.  We recently connected with Mary over the last couples of weeks and we are anxious to spread the word about her and her great blog.  You will be more than thrilled with the abundance of healthy recipes for quick and easy, but healthy, home cooked dinners, but also detox and body renewal posts, pre and post workout snack tips and so much more!  You are sure to enjoy one of her recent posts; Walnut Butter – YUM!  We can’t wait to try out the recipe ourselves with some of our favorite fruit slices!  If you are looking to give your life a push in the healthy direction, look to Mary at Mullbery Mary for guidance on how to do so.  You are sure to walk away with the knowledge and expert advice when it comes to diet, lifestyle, stress management and so much more!