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Much to the relief of parents and the dismay of students everywhere, back to school is just around the corner.  The final few weeks of summer vacation are slowly dwindling down.  In a few days, the kids will be heading back into the crowded school buildings to begin a new year of learning and discovery.

But a return to school means the return of possible sickness.  A school is a place where many people come together and interact.  This allows for the potential of the transmission of germs or other microbials.  You want to make sure that your immune system stays in tip-top shape in order to fight off any outside threat to your body’s health.

That is why you will want to take a vitamin C supplement from  Our product:  C-Zyme 1000 Z-4 is the most complete vitamin C supplement you can find.  The formula contains four different types of vitamin C along with supporting minerals and digestive enzymes to assist your body in absorbing these important substances.  Not only will vitamin C give a boost to your immune system, but it will also support your collagen network and is an essential anti-oxidant.

So make sure you order your vitamin C supplements now so that you have them in hand by the time your student heads back to school.