Vaccination Being Prepared |

Every now and then, I wade into the world of vaccines. It seems to me that a lot of the controversy would disappear if doctors and parents applied a little Vitamin C to the mix. Let me explain.

In the 1970’s I worked at the Institute for Medical Research in San Jose, Ca. I had the opportunity to hear presentations by many scientists reporting on their studies. One presentation was by A. Kalokerinos and G. Dettman who did work with sudden infant death and vaccines in Australia among the aboriginal population.

Dr. Kalokerinos was a primary care physician who worked a lot with aborigine kids. The mothers were encouraged at that time, to avoid breastfeeding and use the formula provided by a large multi-national company that had secured a contract from the British government to be the primary provider of infant formula to this particular Australian population. Quickly, the children became sick and were essentially devoid of Vitamin C as none was included in the formula. Because of the lack of Vitamin C, the children had bad reactions to vaccines. Soon, the rate of death before the age of two was 50% in that population.

Dr. Kalokerinos recounted a turning point in his practice when a child was dying in his office. He had seen others actually collapse and die in his office as he sat helpless to do anything. In this case, he had an idea and gave the child a Vitamin C drip. Within few minutes, the child was fine, much to everyone’s amazement and relief. He said he doesn’t know why he thought of using Vitamin C before then. That idea then changed his thinking about the public health needs of his patient population.

He began to encourage the addition of Vitamin C into his patient population and the knowledge spread through the entire community. Within a few years, he saw that death from that kind of incident went from 50% to 0% when the kids were given adequate supplies of Vitamin C. After this discovery, Drs. Kalokerinos and Dettman did their best to get the word out by writing a book, along with extensive travel and lecturing.

In their travels, they talked with researchers at Stanford. They told of their experience and research and one of the lead research directors was not impressed. Kalokerinos and Dettman (K & D) asked if it was routine to vaccinate the lab rats and other lab animals when they get a delivery. They responded that yes, yes they do. K & D asked if any of those lab animals died and the response was, yes, maybe 1-2% die within a few days of the vaccines. They suggested they give the rats Vitamin C a few days before and a few days after the vaccines. When the returned to Stanford, K&D asked if any of the rats died after the Vitamin C they suggested in their last visit. The director quietly replied that, no, none of them died and then added with some forcefulness that it couldn’t be the Vitamin C.

In our next blog, we’ll further discuss Vitamin C and vaccines. We’ll also talk about how you can add more Vitamin C to both you and your child’s routine. If you’d like to add more Vitamin C to your diet, we suggest Metagenics Vitamin C supplement, powdered C from Pure, and Vitamin C from Perque. Or if you aren’t sure what supplements you need, give us a call and our staff can help you decide!