Metagenics ISO D3

Metagenics ISO D3

Vitamin D is responsible for a variety of things in your body, including immunity and bone health. When present in your body, vitamin D helps to maintain the skeletal calcium balance by promoting calcium absorption in the intestines as well as bone resorption. Vitamin D also plays a part in the immune system by naturally increasing our body’s abilities to fight off infection, specifically those common colds and flu that seem to circulate during the winter months. Some research shows that vitamin D assists in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease as well.

According to the latest dosing guidelines,  which are much higher than previously thought, the only way to know what your vitamin D levels are is to utilize a blood test. Based on those results, levels should be between 50-60 ng/nl.

The recommended dosing is as follows for vitamin D:

  • Children below 5 years: 35 units per pound
  • 5-10 years old: 2,500 units
  • Adults : 5,000 units

However, there is such a thing as too much vitamin D. Depending on your age and level of health, various caps exist on the intake of vitamin D one should receive. You should consult your doctor to see what intake level is best for you, especially if you’re pregnant, nursing, or taking any specific medications.

So where can you get vitamin D from? Well, there are several natural sources. Firstly, there’s the vitamin D produced in your skin when it reacts with ultraviolet light from the sun. This is where most people get their supply from, but it’s recommended that this form of vitamin D synthesis be supplemented with a diet rich in vitamin D foods.

There is a wide array of foods that are naturally rich in this essential nutrient. Foods like eggs, beef liver, fish liver oils, UV-irradiated mushrooms, UV-irradiated yeast, and fatty fish species like catfish, salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, and eel are all great sources of vitamin D, so it’s easy to incorporate it into your existing dietary routine.

Finally, if you have dietary restrictions or need an additional boost, you have the option of taking a vitamin D supplement. At, we carry several forms of vitamin D supplement, including:

Check out these products to get started on the road to vitamin D supplementation, but as always, be sure you consult your doctor before starting any form of dietary supplementation.