Spirulina Dietary Supplement | OVitaminPro.comSometimes you’ll find yourself taking a multivitamin supplement and it will occur to you that you just have no clue what’s in the thing! Our team knows that there is a lot to learn when you are taking supplements, so we have done some of the research for you. This month, the OVitaminPro team is proud to share information about spirulina, a cyanobacteria that is rich in chlorophyll.

Spirulina is a type of natural algae that is high in both nutrients and protein. It is typically harvested from bodies of water and is largely made up of protein and essential amino acids. The high levels of protein and iron in this bacterium is wonderful for pregnant women, people who have just had surgery, or anyone that needs to improve their immune system.

In addition to being great for boosting your immune system, studies have found a variety of other great benefits for this magnificent supplement. According to a study, scientists have found that people who have seasonal allergies have felt relief from congestion and sneezing while taking spirulina. Other studies have shown that the amount of protein in this supplement is a perfect for vegetarians who can’t find the protein they need from beans.

When you are interested in adding spirulina to your diet, OVitaminPro has the spirulina dietary supplement options you need from Nature’s Way and other brands.