Also known as the “caveman diet”, Paleo is a way of eating the focuses on what ancient man might have eaten. Overall, this means eating like hunters and gatherers with a diet consisting mainly of lots and lots of fresh produce and lean animal protein. On the flip side, it also means avoiding sugar, processed grains, legumes, and dairy (or at least cutting way, way back on these sorts of ingredients).
While the Paleo Diet has been around since the 70’s, it’s recently gained more popularity as its health benefits have been reported to show that it’s a great diet for maintaining a healthy weight and overall, giving one a better sense of well being. Plus, many athletes who participate in fitness plans like CrossFit find the Paleo Diet to be a natural fit because of its high protein and low carbohydrate approach. But how does it work? What makes Paleo so powerful?
Well, for one thing, Paleo cuts out a lot of the junk that most people tend to find dominating their diets. Heavily processed grains, sugars, and other such finds are usually staples in the American diet. Cut them out and the effects can be profound – and they usually start showing up in the form of improved energy levels.
In addition to eliminating processed foods that load up our bodies with toxins or gluten, Paleo focuses on nutrient-rich foods like lean and free-range meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

In its own way, it can help us avoid inflammatory foods (such as gluten) which can make our bodies develop a host of health concerns. Dr. Dan has spoken widely on this topic and if you want to learn more, just check out our YouTube channel or our Gluten-Free Resources section.

Overall, Paleo has proven itself to be a viable dietary lifestyle for many. It’s helped that there are many, many more resources out there than there were years ago for Paleo Dieters. Grain-free crackers, kale chips, gluten-free alternatives, and other sugar-free food items are just the tip of the iceberg.
At OVitaminPro, we proud to offer free nutritional counseling to our customers and we can speak at length about Paleo and how it’s made an impact in our own lives. If you have questions about Paleo or want to learn more, give us a call and we’d be happy to give you more insight!