Strengtia ProbioticsProbiotics is a word that you’ve likely heard thrown around in the past few years. Yogurts, soy products, and even tablets exist to help us increase our intake of these active microorganisms that help to foster better digestion, immunity, and intestinal health. But how do they get in and out of balance? How do they actually work? Well, for starters, let’s take a closer look at something called “gut flora”.

Gut flora is a word that describes the ecology of microorganisms present in the body. When there are healthy levels of “good” microorganisms (probiotics) in your body, you may find that you just feel better. Typically, people with healthy gut flora tend to feel more energetic and suffer from fewer digestive discomforts or issues.

However, it’s easy for our gut flora to be thrown out of balance. Taking antibiotics, drinking too many alcoholic beverages, using certain medications, falling ill, or even feeling stressed can all work toward the imbalance of your gut flora by destroying that healthy bacteria. Therefore, if you want to negate or reduce the effects of these actions, it’s best to start a diet regimen that includes probiotics.

How can you get more probiotics? Try eating more yogurt or fermented foods. Or you also have the option of taking gut flora supplements or probiotic supplements. At, we carry several different probiotic options to that you can find the one that best works with your unique dietary needs.

Remember – we need gut flora to be healthy. If we drink, take medication, or even feel stressed, we could be compromising our intestinal health. Be proactive. Add probiotics to your diet today.